Fun Hen Party Accessory Must Haves

Letting your hair down is a good way to keep your cool before the big day and hen do’s do exactly that. They’re your chance to go just that little bit crazy before being shipped off to marriage town, your chance to show the world what you’re really made of. But no hen do can go without loud, funny and downright weird party accessories, but which ones should you be spending out on? Here’s a list of a few you may want to have a little ponder over:

“The Elephant In The Room”

I am of course talking about willy accessories. There are quite literally hundreds to choose from such as ice cube trays, water pistols, ring toss, whistles, chocolates, bubble blowers and even gargantuan blow up manhoods!

No hen party is set without one so you can go for things such as the chocolates and ice cubes for a little giggle, or for a full blown laugh you can go all out and get the lot.

The L Plate

Ahh yes, the traditional L plate, worn by brides worldwide for several years and still to this day a must have hen do accessory. You can get them in several forms such as an actual L plate, balloons, T-shirts, wearable signs and stickers. It may seem like a silly thing to wear but it does have a deeper meaning and L plate means you are learning, AKA you are new to marriage. The other hens are there to help guide you just like a driving instructor would, which make hen parties a great bonding exercise!

Sashes & Shot Cups

Sashes are not just for fun, they’re to show everyone what part of the group you are such as the bride, mother of the bride and bridesmaids. You can get personal ones with things like “Laura’s Hen Party 2013” so that they can be kept by your hens in memory of the night.

Shot cups are a good way to make sure that you always have a drink to hand and also keeps the party safe from drinks being spiked.

Hats & Headbands

Hats are a fun way to show the world that you really don’t care what you look like and that you’re there to have nothing but pure fun! Hats can be fluffy or have names on them or you can go for a headband with flashing lights or even flashing willies to make you and everyone else in the party laugh the night away (they’re also quite a good talking point should your bridesmaids want to get lucky!).

Personalised T-shirts

This is one step up from having a sash, if you really want to go all out and have a night to remember forever then personalised t-shirts can set you apart. You can give each other funny nicknames like “The Tease” or “The Hunk Magnet” or just use your names.

Doing this can help you decipher who is who when it comes to looking through all your hilarious photos.

Feather Boas & Fans

For a slightly more sophisticated, but no less fun, look that will dazzle you on the night of your hen party. These very girly accessories are inexpensive, so it doesn’t matter if you lose them throughout the night as you can be sure at least one other person will get a good laugh from them.

Fun Games

You can bring your own small games with you or you can play drinking games. Drinking games can be very funny indeed, playing things such as pub golf, I never or scavenger hunt can keep your girls focused as they drink the night away.

It is a good way to keep you drinking at a steadier pace, giving you more of a chance to live through to the next morning! You can play small portable games too such as pin the cucumber on the hunk or funny trivia questions.

For more ideas and inspiration just visit the following link where you will find loads of hen party ideas and activities for you and your girls to enjoy: