Fun Icebreaker Games for Hen Parties: Break the Ice and Make Memorable Moments

Get ready for a wild ride, ladies! We’re about to delve into the marvelous world of hen parties and the game-changers that make them truly epic: hen party games. These games are the secret sauce that turns a gathering into an unforgettable celebration. They bring people together, ignite laughter, and create bonds that’ll last a lifetime. 

So, get ready to break the ice, crank up the fun, and let the games begin! These Icebreaker hen party games are about to take your soirée to a whole new level of awesome. Let’s dive in!


The Introduction Game

Let’s kick off the festivities with a playful twist on introductions, because who needs awkwardness when we have hen party games? Picture this: you gather all the lovely ladies, raise a glass of champagne, and turn those initial hellos into a delightful game. It’s simple, really. Each of you takes a turn introducing yourselves to the group, but here’s the twist: you’ll follow a list of fun and predetermined criteria. 

Share your name, how you know the bride, and let’s not forget the cherry on top – three things you absolutely adore about her. Let the giggles and connections begin, all thanks to this ingenious introduction game. Cheers to breaking the ice in style!


Mr & Mrs Quiz

Alright, ladies, it’s time to put the bride-to-be’s love knowledge to the test with the legendary Mr & Mrs Quiz. Here’s the scoop: before the hen do, the cunning bridesmaids rendezvous with the groom for a little Q&A session. They ask him a series of questions and, of course, extract his honest answers. Now, fast forward to the party, grab a bottle of bubbly, and gather ’round.

It’s showtime! The bride-to-be must now channel her inner mind-reader and guess her fiancé’s responses to each question. We’re talking about everything from the heartwarming to the downright hilarious or even a little saucy – because, hey, we’re here for the laughs!

And here’s a bonus tip: if you have the technology on hand, capture the groom-to-be on film as he answers each question. Imagine the delight when you showcase the footage at the hen do, adding an extra dash of excitement to the mix. Get ready for uproarious laughter and an unforgettable Mr & Mrs Quiz experience. Let the guessing games begin!


Never Have I Ever

Ah, the classic hen party game that takes us back to our wild student days – Never Have I Ever! Brace yourselves, ladies, for a hilarious journey of revelations and uproarious laughter. Here’s how it goes: each member of the group takes turns confessing something they’ve never done. It can range from the silly to the scandalous. For example, “Never have I ever… fancied my school teacher,” or any other cheeky confessions you can dream up!

Now, here’s the twist: anyone who has actually done the mentioned deed must take a sip of 

their drink. As the game progresses, you’ll witness some hens sipping with guilty grins while others remain refreshingly innocent. The joy of this game lies not only in the sips but also in the delightful surprises and newfound knowledge about your best friends.


Tell Me a Story

Prepare for a delightful trip down memory lane with a hen party game that will have you guessing the age of the radiant bride-to-be. It’s time to put those detective skills to work! Here’s how it goes: gather a collection of photos showcasing the bride at various stages of her life. You can source these treasures from her parents or even take a peek at her Facebook albums.

Display the photos on a board, numbered from 1 to 10 (or however many you have). Now, it’s time to unleash the guessing game! Each person writes down their best guess for the age depicted in each photo. The one who comes closest to the truth scores a point. Keep tallying those points, and at the end, we crown the champion of age-guessing glory!

But wait, there’s more! To spice things up, sprinkle in some statements or stories about things the bride-to-be has said or done. Challenge the participants to guess the age when these memorable moments took place. This adds an extra layer of excitement and prolongs the game, especially if you have a limited number of photos.


What age was the Bride?

Get ready to take a nostalgic trip through time with a hen party game that’ll have you guessing the bride’s age. Here’s the plan: collect photos of the bride at different stages of her life, either from her parents or Facebook. Display them on a board numbered 1 to 10 (or however many you have). Now, everyone writes down their guesses for each number. The closest guess earns a point, and the one with the most points reigns supreme. 

To mix things up, throw in statements or stories about things the bride has said or done, and let the guessing frenzy continue.


What’s in My Purse/Handbag?

Get ready for a hen party game that’s as simple as it is entertaining. Here’s the lowdown: grab a scoresheet with a list of common items you’d find in people’s handbags. Assign different points to each item, like one point for keys and a whopping five points for face wipes, for example.

Now, it’s showtime! Ask each person to empty their handbags and start tallying up their scores. The more items they find, the higher their chances of winning this fashionable contest.

Prepare for delightful surprises as handbags reveal their secrets, from the essentials to the unexpected. Who knew a handbag could hold such wonders? It’s time to unleash the purse power and discover who reigns as the Handbag Heroine!


Banned Words Challenge

Get ready for a maddeningly fun hen party game that will test your self-control! Introducing the Banned Words Challenge, a classic that will leave you both frustrated and entertained. Here’s the scoop: at the start of the hen do, select a set of forbidden words that are off-limits throughout the event.

Now, here’s the twist: whenever someone accidentally utters one of these forbidden words, they must face a consequence. It could be taking a drink or performing a cheeky forfeit. The more relevant and challenging the banned words, the better!

Think of words like “wedding,” “drink,” “hen,” or “man.” Imagine the struggle as the girls try their hardest to avoid these everyday phrases. Will they stick to the rules or succumb to the temptation?


Story Time

Get ready for a hilarious journey down memory lane with a hen party game we like to call Story Time! Here’s the scoop: each hen writes down a funny story about their adventures with the bride or how they first met. Prepare for laughter, mischief, and shared memories!

Now, it’s the bride-to-be’s turn to shine. She reads out each story to the group, trying to guess 

who penned each tale. Will she uncover the truth or be left scratching her head in delightful confusion?

But here’s the twist: if the bride-to-be guesses wrong, it’s time for a daring dare or a shot! It’s a test of her intuition and a chance for some cheeky consequences.


Toilet Paper Wedding Dress

Ladies, it’s time to unleash your creative genius in a hilarious hen party game we call Toilet Paper Wedding Dress! Here’s the plan: divide the hens into teams of three or four. One lucky soul becomes the model, while the rest become the masterminds behind a fabulous wedding dress crafted entirely from loo roll.

With a time limit of five to 10 minutes, the teams dive into this delightful challenge. They twist, wrap, and shape that humble toilet paper into a jaw-dropping masterpiece fit for a blushing bride.

Now, it’s the bride’s turn to shine as the ultimate judge. She chooses the winning dress based on her personal taste or the one that tickles her funny bone the most. Will it be a stunning creation she’d wear down the aisle or a hysterical masterpiece that defies all expectations?


Selfie Challenge

Strike a pose, ladies! It’s time for the Selfie Challenge, where we capture the party spirit in picture-perfect moments. Here’s how it goes: create a list of five or six people or items that each hen must snap a selfie with. Get creative! Think a man with a moustache, a traffic cone, a daring lamppost pole dance, or even someone who resembles a celebrity.

Throughout the festivities, hens embark on a mission to check off each item on the selfie list. It’s a hunt for hilarity, a quest for unforgettable memories frozen in time.

The following day, as you recover from your hangover (we’ve all been there!), gather ’round and dive into the treasure trove of selfies. Laugh, reminisce, and relive the moments that made the hen party truly epic.


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