Fun Party Games for Your “Sten Night” or “Hag Do”

Whilst the idea of having a joint hen and stag may raise some eyebrows at first, but more and more couples are following the footsteps of Rihanna and Chris Brown in sharing their dos. There’s been much ado about last night of freedom in Vegas. But a Vegas style night out with your hens or lads is not the only option.

If the couple has a lot of common friends, having a Jack and Jill party is not criminal. In fact, it can turn out to be fun. All you need to do is add some exciting games that both hens and stags can play together at London hen and stag venues. Book your hen and stag venues from

Poker Night

Quite self-explanatory but here’s the deal. A Poker Night will turn out to be huge fun but you need to give it a twist. Don’t make it a boring affair like The World Series of Poker shown on ESPN2; rather, make it more “Casino Royale”. Remember Bond’s movie? Take inspiration from it and ask everyone to come in spiffy attires. Also, serve delightful martinis so everybody can try their hand in cards with a martini in hand.

Scavenger Hunt

Who doesn’t love a scavenger hunt? Divide the guests in teams like hens v/s stags. Create a list of items related to your wedding and assign point to each item as per the level of difficulty in finding it. Ask them to collect or photograph the items at the church, your reception hall, or right in your hen party venue. Items could include unity candle, invitation, church bells, and so forth. Count the points at the end and award the winners.

Roast Them

Caution! This option works well only with those with thick skin. If the couple doesn’t mind being the buff of everyone’s joke, roasting them can turn out to be one of the most cherished moments. To ensure, everyone laughs their head off, ask guests to write their jokes ahead of time as nobody there is a professional comedian. And make sure everybody has plenty of booze in hand too.

Spin for a Dare

You must have played truth and dare, right. Why not dare your pals during your Hag do? The best thing is that the evening can be as modest or raunchy as you want. Dares could include anything from kissing a stranger to getting someone to give you their underpants. Sounds dirty? Try something clean like asking a stranger to dance with you or rub a tombstone.

Volleyball in the Pool

If your wedding falls in summers, why not make the most of English weather at your joint hen and stag do. Arrange a pool party and play some cool games like Volley Ball. Make it Ladies v/s Lords and gear up for a fun-filled day.  Also, serve some cool cocktails to beat the heat. End the day with a chic party at a local nightclub.

Dance the Night Away

Any party without dance is like a cocktail without ice cube. But you can make a fun game out of it too. Hire professional dancers, whether jazz, hip hop, or even belly or pole dancers.  Ask your guests to put their dancing shoes on and learn the moves.  Whoever shows the best moves shall be awarded. Make sure to capture the funny moments. You will definitely get fond memories to cherish.

Some Useful Tips

  • Consider how raunchy do you want to get. The maid of honour may not be as wild as other bridesmaids may or she may be even crazier. Better, you consider this ahead of time if you don’t want people to raise their eyebrows.
  • Make sure that you only plan a few games and give plenty of time to guests to mingle and have fun. Planning activities for every minute may turn your bachelor party into Kindergarten madness.
  • Last but not the least; consider whether the friends of the bride and groom gel well together or not. You don’t want to end up with a boring affair.

There is no rule saying lads and hens can’t party together. A combination of thoughtful planning and fun games is sure to make a hearty party to be cherished forever.