Hey, Gorgeous Gang! Are you looking for funny hen party games to add to your hen party in Ireland loadout? Henit’s got the 411 on the Outrageous Games Package – the kind of fabulosity that’ll make your squad the talk of the town. Let’s spill the tea on this party masterpiece!

funny hen party games

Central Self-Catering Apartment: Where the Magic Begins

Okay, lassies, imagine this: a sassy, city-central apartment that’s the Beyoncé of crash pads. It’s not just a bed; it’s your glittering headquarters for the night. Warning: it’s so close to the action you might accidentally strut into the party in your PJs!

Outrageous Games Activity: Kiss Boring Games Goodbye

It’s time for the main act – our Outrageous Games Extravaganza. Prosecco Pong Extravaganza – because regular Pong is so last season. Dance-Off Delirium – where your dance moves get wilder than your last girls’ night in. We have tons of funny hen party games to keep the night young. Get ready to snort-laugh until your mascara becomes a war paint!

3-Course Dinner: Feasting Fit for a Queen

After all the funny hen party games, it’s time to feast like royalty. Our 3-course dinner is a culinary rollercoaster, with flavors so good, you might start speaking in tongues. Warning: the dessert might just make you propose to the chef!

VIP Nightclub Experience: Because We All Deserve a Crown

Hold onto your tiaras – the night’s just revving up! VIP entry, reserved table, and a round of drinks at a chic nightclub – it’s like a royal coronation for your crew. Dance, sip, and bat those lashes – tonight, you’re the queens of the dance floor.

All the Usual PREMIUM Extras: Because You’re Worth It

Expect nothing but the crème de la crème with our premium extras. Luxe amenities and thoughtful touches – we’ve curated the works. Your hen party deserves a sprinkle of fairy dust, and we’re here to make it happen.

Full Group Management System: We’ve Got Your Back, Babe

Are you worried about details? Girl, please! Our group management system is your fairy godmother, handling the logistics while you sashay through the night. Leave the details to us; your job is to sparkle and shine!

Ready to dive into a night of funny hen party games and relaxation? Secure your spot for the Outrageous Games Bash. Let the hen party activities commence, and may the laughs echo for centuries!