Girls Night In

girls night

Though it has become common practice for hens to have a night out, that does not mean they cannot have a “girls’ night in.” Brides who do not have the time for a hen weekend in Ireland or do not want a night out can always opt to have a more intimate time with their girlfriends.

If you are too busy planning for the wedding, have a girls’ night in instead. This way, you can still have much fun with your closest friends before your wedding. Here are some ideas to ensure your girls’ night in will be a blast!

Retro Rewind: Back to the 80s Vibe

Imagine this: a neon paradise, leg warmers, and a soundtrack that’s the ’80s personified. Let’s transport ourselves back in time, darling! Slip into your most rad 80s attire, crank up the tunes, and relive the era of big hair, bold fashion, and unforgettable memories. It’s, like, totally tubular, and we’re here for it!

Games Galore: Because Girls Wanna Have Fun

Who says games are for kids? Not us, darling! Gather your glam squad for a night of loud laughter with hen party games. From the luck-infused Bunco to the scandalously fabulous Dame to Do, we’ve got games that’ll make your heart race and your spirits soar. No referee needed—just let the good times roll and the giggles flow!

Shake It Off: Dance Like Nobody’s Watching

Why hit the club when you can turn your living room into a dance floor? Enlist the help of some fabulous dance instructors for a night of twirls, spins, and maybe even a touch of pole dancing glam. Don’t worry, it’s all in good fun! Whether you’re strutting your stuff with burlesque or getting down with belly dancing, these lessons promise a night of laughter, camaraderie, and moves that would make even Beyoncé proud.

Potluck Princesses

Food is the language of love, and we’re about to speak volumes, honey! Have each fabulous friend bring their culinary masterpiece or embark on a cooking adventure together. It’s not just about the food; it’s about creating a feast of memories that’ll have you reminiscing with every delicious bite.

Movie Magic Marathon

Lights, camera, popcorn, darling! Pick a theme or a beloved movie series and settle in for a cozy movie night with your besties. Whether it’s a rom-com marathon or a dive into the wizarding world, surround yourselves with blankets, pillows, and a stash of your favorite snacks. It’s like a cinematic slumber party, but with a touch more sparkle!

DIY Spa Soiree: Pamper Like a Princess

Who needs a spa when you can create your own pampering paradise at home? Break out the face masks, nail polishes, and soothing music for a DIY spa night. It’s the perfect excuse to unwind, gossip, and emerge feeling like the royalty you truly are. Get ready to glow, darling!

If you need help planning a DIY spa for your besties. You can click here to check out’s DIY Spa Day guide!

Board Games Bonanza: Strategize in Style

Board games aren’t just for family gatherings; they’re for fabulous girls’ nights too! Gather a variety of games for a night of friendly competition and laughter. From classics like Monopoly to modern favorites, the possibilities for strategic brilliance (or hilarious blunders) are as endless as your charm.

Crafting Chic: Where Creativity Blooms

Release your inner artist with a crafting party! Whether it’s making jewelry, painting canvases, or trying your hand at DIY projects, let the creative juices flow. Plus, you’ll have a charming memento to remind you of the fabulous night you and your girls crafted together.

Wine Wonderland: Sip, Savor, Slay

Sip, savor, and share the joy of wine with a tasting night fit for queens. Pair your favorite wines with an assortment of cheeses, and for the non-drinkers, include some delectable non-alcoholic options. It’s a sophisticated yet playful way to elevate your girls’ night in. Cheers to clinking glasses and making memories!

Karaoke Couture: Sing Your Heart Out

Unleash your inner diva with a karaoke night to remember. Whether you’re hitting high notes or laughing at the off-key attempts, it’s a fantastic way to bond and create memories. Pick your favorite tunes, grab a microphone, and let the music be your guide to an unforgettable night of vocal glam.

There are so many fun activities that can be included in your hen party girls’ night in. Just make sure to choose activities that everyone will enjoy and have a great time! Take a look at our ideas section if you need more help planning for your girls’ night in.