The Most Entertaining Hen Party Games Ever

No hen party in Ireland is complete without a dash of cheeky fun and laughter, right ladies? But let’s face it, the classics like Never Have I Ever and Truth or Dare can get stale after a while. Fear not, bridesmaids, because we’ve got a treasure trove of unique and unforgettable hen party game

s that will have the whole squad in stitches. 

hen party games

Prepare to spice up the celebration with our handpicked selection of fun hen party games to make your hen night legendary!

Henit’s Top Picks of Fun Hen Party Games

Bride Trivia

We’re kicking off the list with a classic hen party game but with a twist! It’s time to put your bride’s knowledge to the test. Create a quiz about the bride and let the giggles begin as the guests compete to see who knows her best. Spoiler alert: the answers might just surprise you!

Scavenger Hunt

Embark on a scavenger hunt like no other! This one is all about the bride, with tasks and items related to her scattered around. It’s a hilarious adventure that will have the bride-to-be on her toes and the whole squad working together for a night of unforgettable fun.

Lingerie Making

Who says a hen weekend can’t be a little crafty? Set up a lingerie-making station with fabrics, ribbons, and embellishments that would make any designer blush. It’s one of the classy hen party games to add a personal touch to the night and create something memorable for the bride to be.

Advice Cards

Gather ’round, ladies! Ask the guests to share their pearls of wisdom by writing down marriage advice for the bride to be. It’s a heartwarming activity that not only brings a smile to everyone’s face but also leaves the bride-to-be with a collection of heartfelt advice to cherish. It’s the perfect hen party game for everyone!

Dress the Bride

Let the creativity flow with a game that’s a true masterpiece – Dress the Bride! Use toilet paper or crepe paper to fashion wedding dresses for the bride to be. The catch? It’s all about speed and style! The bride to be gets to parade the winning creation down the imaginary aisle.

Mr. and Mrs. Quiz

Get ready for one of the most hilarious hen party games! Quiz the bride to be and groom separately to see how well they really know each other. It’s a game of wits, surprises, and maybe a few embarrassing revelations. The couple that laughs together stays together!

Photo Booth

Capture the memories of the bride to be with a photo booth extravaganza. Set up a booth with props that will have everyone striking silly and memorable poses. It’s perfect for every hen party theme!


Karaoke Night

What’s a hen party without a bit of singing and dancing? Turn up the volume, grab that microphone, and let loose with a karaoke night. It’s the perfect way to add a lively touch to the celebration and make memories that will have everyone talking.

Truth or Dare

Even though we said this game has been common for hen parties, the fact is no hen party is complete without a classic game of Truth or Dare! Spice things up with secrets, dares, and a whole lot of laughter. It’s a classic hen party game that never gets old, and the stories that unfold are bound to keep the party buzzing.


Take the classic game of bingo and give it a bridal twist. Create bingo cards with wedding-related words or activities, and let the games begin. It’s a fantastic way to add a competitive edge to the night while keeping the laughs coming.

Memory Lane

Gather ’round, ladies, as we take a stroll down Memory Lane. Share stories and memories about the bride-to-be, from the hilarious to the heartwarming. It’s a sentimental touch that adds a layer of depth to the celebration.

Pin the Kiss on the Groom

Put a playful twist on the classic “Pin the Tail on the Donkey” with Pin the Kiss on the Groom! Blindfolded guests take turns trying to land the perfect kiss on the groom’s portrait. It’s a game that’s guaranteed to bring out the giggles.

DIY Cocktail Bar

Elevate your hen party fun with a DIY cocktail bar. Set up a station with all the ingredients for guests to unleash their mixologist skills. It’s a recipe for a good time and a surefire way to add a touch of sophistication to the celebration.

Guess the Number

How many candies are in the jar? Let the guessing games begin! Fill a jar with sweet treats, and have the guests take their best guess. It’s a simple yet sweet game that adds a dash of suspense to the festivities. Remember the one with the most correct answers wins!

Wedding Charades

Get ready to act out love in the most hilarious way possible! Play a round of wedding charades where guests mime wedding-related words or phrases. It’s a fun game for hen parties that combines laughter, creativity, and a bit of acting prowess.

Shoe Game

Put the bride to be and groom to the test with the Shoe Game! Have them sit back to back, raise a shoe for their answer, and let the laughter commence. It’s a game that reveals just how well they know each other, or not!

Jenga with a Twist

Take Jenga to the next level with a twist! Write fun and maybe a tad of embarrassing tasks on the blocks. It’s a game for hen parties that adds an element of surprise to the classic tower-building fun.

Wedding Mad Libs

Get ready for some laugh-out-loud moments with Wedding Mad Libs. Create funny, wedding-related stories with blanks for guests to fill in. It’s a game that combines creativity with a dash of unpredictability.

Dress Up Relay

Divide the squad into teams and prepare for a Dress Up Relay! It’s a race against time as teams compete to dress up in bridal attire. From veils to bouquets, it’s a hilarious affair that’s sure to have everyone cheering.

DIY Veil Station

Bring out the inner designer with a DIY Veil Station. Provide materials for guests to create their own veils, complete with flair and imagination. It’s a crafty and elegant addition to the festivities.

Marriage Advice Cards

Ask the ladies to share their best marriage advice for the bride to be. It’s a heartwarming activity that not only provides valuable insights but also creates a beautiful keepsake for the bride to be to cherish.

Guess the Kisses

Fill a jar with Hershey’s kisses and let the guessing games commence. How many kisses are in the jar? It’s a sweet and suspenseful game that adds a touch of sweetness to the celebration.

Wedding Word Scramble

Challenge your guests with a Wedding Word Scramble. Create a list of scrambled wedding-related words for guests to unscramble. It’s a brain-teasing game that adds an extra layer of fun to the festivities.

Emoji Love Story

Let the creativity flow with an Emoji Love Story. Challenge the guests to create a love story using only emojis. It’s a game that’s modern, fun, and sure to result in some emoji masterpieces.

Who Am I?

Get ready for some guessing games with Who Am I? Write names of famous couples on sticky notes, stick them to foreheads, and let the guests guess the name on their foreheads. It’s a game that adds a touch of celebrity glam to the night.

Wedding Pictionary

Close out the night with a classic game with a wedding twist – Wedding Pictionary! Draw wedding-related items or activities, and let the laughter flow as guests guess the sketches. It’s a game that guarantees a night filled with love and laughter.

Sculpture Making

Ladies, brace yourselves for the ultimate naughty hen party game – Sculpture Making. Grab a soft, cylindrical piece of fruit or veg (cucumber, banana, you get the picture) or opt for some play dough. The goal? Sculpt the finest specimen of penile persuasion! Put your artistic skills to the test, and let the bride to be choose the most, ahem, impressive creation. Of course, a prize awaits the crowned sculptor because, let’s be honest, Michelangelo never had this much fun.

Ex Charades

Divide into teams, ladies! In Ex Charades, take turns pretending to be the exes of the hen, and let the bride to be guess who the teams are pretending to be. It’s a game that’s sure to bring out some hilarious stories, but beware – this one might be better suited for parties without future in-laws attending. Just a friendly heads-up!

Bra Pong

Time to channel your inner beer pong champion, but with a girlish twist – it’s Bra Pong! Gather bras in various sizes and stick them to a large board, smaller ones on top and the larger ones on the bottom. Work out a point system, add in some alcohol, and let the bouncing begin! It’s a game that’s equal parts playful and daring, creating an unforgettable atmosphere for your hen party. The complete set of rules can be found with us. ​

And there you have it, ladies – a comprehensive guide to the quirkiest, most entertaining hen party games that will make your celebration one for the books. 

Unleash your creativity, and let the laughter echo through the night. Here’s to a hen party filled with girlish giggles and memories that will last a lifetime!

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