8 Of The Most Entertaining Hen Party Games Ever

No hen night would be complete without some funny, cheeky hen party games and activities to get the giggles going. But we all know the favourites; the classics played at every hen party (Never Have I Ever, Truth or Dare etc.) can get a bit dull after a while!

So why not have a root through our round-up of unique hen party games and activities? We’ve included the best games for a hen party that we could find. Hopefully you’ll consider them as entertaining as we did!

hen party games

The Lingerie Game

This hen party game requires some forethought. Have each guest bring the hen a piece of lingerie for the bride. The hen then has to guess who brought her what. Every time she’s wrong, she has to drink. Every time she's right, the person who she guessed correctly has to drink. 

(Suggestion: set a price limit so nobody gets embarrassed about how much/little they spend!)

hen party games

Sculpture Making

hen party games

This is the ultimate naughty hen party game. For this one, you will need either a soft, cylindrical piece of fruit/veg(cucumber, banana etc.), or some play-dough.

The aim of the game is to sculpt the finest specimen of penile persuasion that you can. Put Michelangelo to shame with your phallic creations, girls!

The bride gets to pick the best mickey-mold, with a prize organized for the winner.

Ex Charades

Divide into two teams. Take turns pretending to be exes of the hen. The hen must guess who the teams are pretending to be.

This is one of many hen party games that are better suited to parties with no future in-laws attending, so... just bear that in mind. 

hen party games

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What Age Was The Bride?

This is one of many traditional hen party games, but it's good fun nonetheless!

Pin some pictures of the bride at various ages, from childhood to present day, onto a board. Get her friends to guess which age she was in each picture. The person to get the most right wins!

Story Time!

Get every guest to write down a super-embarrassing or unusual story about themselves (the less well-known among your friends the better). Place them all into a bowl and mix them up.

Take it in turns for each guest to pull out a story and read it aloud. Everyone must guess who the story is about. If they get it wrong, they must take a drink. This hen party game is a fantastic way to warm up for the night and get the drinks flowing.

hen party games

Pub Crawl Treasure Hunt

Before the hen party, designate a pal to make up some clues. Split your crew into teams and have the designated lady hide clues around the pubs and bars you’ll be hitting up that night.

The first team to find all the clues and reach the treasure wins! The losers have to buy the winners a round of drinks. As far as hen party games go this one is very versatile so you can have fun with it.

The Gift Game

Sentimental hen party games aren't up everyone's street, but this one is a really lovely way for the bride to connect with her family and friends. 

Every guest has to bring a present for the bride that signifies something about their friendship; how they met, a memory, a private joke etc. The bride to be then guesses which present is from which guest with lots of reminiscing and giggles along the way.

hen party games

Bra Pong

Like beer pong, but with boobs! Grab some bras in various sizes and stick them to a large board. Place the smaller ones on the top and the larger on the bottom. Work out a point system, add in some alcohol and you're all set!  

The full set of rules can be found here. ​

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