Hen party table decorations and props

Ladies! It’s time to raise a glass and celebrate the bride-to-be in true Irish style. When it comes to throwing a hen party that will leave your guests gobsmacked, the devil is in the details, especially when it comes to the table decorations and props. So, let’s sprinkle some charm and creativity on your hen party table ideas, shall we?

  • Balloonshen party table ideas

First things first – balloons! No hen party table ideas is complete without these bouncy orbs of joy. For a twist, make sure to incorporate colors that the bride will love. Mix and match to your heart’s content! But wait, there’s more craic to it – get balloons with cheeky hen party sayings like “Last Fling Before the Ring” or “She Said Yes, Let’s Party!” Your lasses won’t be able to resist taking selfies with these fun-filled floaters!

  • Banners

Let your hen party table speak for itself with a custom-made banner. Personalize it with the bride’s name and sprinkle some Irish magic with phrases like “Luck of the Bride” or “Kiss the Miss Goodbye.” Hang it up high, and let the whole world (or at least the party) know who the star of the show is!

  • Confettihen party table ideas

What’s a hen party without a bit of glimmer and shimmer? Confetti is the answer to all your sparkly dreams. Opt for shimmering bride-to-be sashes, willy straws, or even tiny champagne bottle-shaped confetti. When the dance floor heats up, sprinkle some confetti magic and let the celebrations shine brighter than the Irish sun!

  • Place Cards

A bit of organization won’t hurt, especially when you have a group of excited lasses ready to party. Set the seating plan with personalized place cards. Write each guest’s name with a touch of playful charm or go all-out with hen party sayings like “Get Your Party On” or “Dance Like No One’s Watching.” It’ll not only help find the right spot but also add a dash of Irish humor to the mix!

  • Photo Booth Props

Capture the memories that’ll last a lifetime with photo booth props! From mustaches and sunglasses to hilarious signs saying “I’m With the Bride” and “Hot Stuff,” these props will turn your hen party photos into a barrel of laughs. Say “cheese” and let the good times roll!

  • Centerpieceshen party table ideas

Get ready to turn some heads with jaw-dropping centerpieces. Whether you choose elegant flowers or funky balloons, the centerpiece will be the crowning glory of your table. For the Irish touch, incorporate shamrocks, leprechaun hats, or even a photo of the blushing bride. The centerpiece will be the pot of gold at the end of your hen party table ideas!

  • Favorshen party table ideas

Let’s not forget the lovely lasses who join in the celebration! Show your appreciation with hen party favors. From tiny trinkets to personalized gifts, these tokens of love will warm their hearts like a cozy pub. Fill favor bags with Irish candies or little charms to spread the luck o’ the Irish to all your guests.

  • Streamers

When the party starts rocking, the streamers will come alive! Wrap your table in streamers of various shades and patterns, adding a burst of color and excitement to the atmosphere. Imagine the Irish jig in your heart as you see the streamers dancing in the air!

  • Pinatas

Let’s turn up the fun with a smashing addition – the piñata! Fill it up with candies, prizes, or even some silly surprises. Blindfolded and with a little luck, the lasses will be giggling like leprechauns when they get their hands on the goodies. It’s an Irish fiesta like no other!

  • Tablecloths

Wrap up your hen party table in a delightful tablecloth. Choose colors like soft pink or shimmering gold, and add some patterns or motifs that the bride will like to the mix. The tablecloth will be the enchanted backdrop for the unforgettable festivities!

  • Chair Covershen party table ideas

Your lasses deserve a regal throne, don’t they? Dress up the chairs with adorable chair covers that bear the bride’s name or a sassy hen party saying. It’s the perfect way to make them feel like they’re in the presence of true Irish royalty!

  • Welcome Signs

Greet your guests with a custom-made welcome sign! Add the bride’s name or a cheeky hen party phrase to let everyone know they’re in for a grand ol’ time. With a warm welcome, you’ll set the tone for an unforgettable hen party experience.

  • Cake Toppers

Finally, it’s time to savor the sweetness of the celebration with a splendid cake topper. Personalize it with the bride’s name or a playful hen party saying. As the cake takes center stage, the lasses will be enchanted by the delightful surprise atop their slice of sweet heaven!

  • Cupcakeshen party table ideas

Cupcakes are the icing on the cake (literally!) when it comes to desserts. Get them decorated with the bride’s name or hilarious hen party phrases. The bite-sized delights will keep the energy high and the spirits soaring!

  • Mini Bottles of Champagne

Speaking of delights, let’s indulge in some treats! Fill the table with an array of colorful candies and mini bottles of champagne. The candy will sweeten the celebrations, and the champagne will sparkle like the Irish stars above!

  • Pinwheels

Add a touch of whimsy with pinwheels! These spinning wonders will enchant your guests, adding an element of playfulness to the celebration. Whether they’re dotted around the table or handed out as fun favors, pinwheels will bring a smile to every face!

  • Bachelorette Bingo

Finally, let’s introduce some bachelorette bingo fun! Create your own bingo cards with hen party-themed squares and let the games begin. With prizes fit for a queen, the ladies will be on their toes, hoping to shout “Bingo!” with the luck o’ the Irish on their side!

Level Up Your Table Game

And there you have it, ladies – a hen party table adorned with the finest Irish charm and playful creativity. From balloons and banners to confetti and favors, each element adds a touch of magic to your celebration. So, gather your lasses and get ready to paint the town green! With these hen party table ideas, the bride-to-be will have a night to remember, Irish-style!


Remember, it’s all about celebrating love, laughter, and the bond of friendship. May your hen party be filled with delightful memories and the luck o’ the Irish every step of the way!


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