How to Have a Big Summer Hen Weekend on a Chick’s small Budget


Your best friend is getting married, and as the bridesmaid, you’re tasked with creating the perfect weekend for her, but have to do it affordably. You wonder if it is possible to plan two days of fun for the wedding party without running up months of debt. With a few simple tips and ideas, you can have a glorious weekend, full of fun and thrills without busting your piggy bank. Here’s how. 

Have a party before you go to the bar

Have a party before

Alcohol is very costly at bars. Don’t choose to drink there. Go late and have a private party before. You can buy whole litres of vodka for the price of three drinks! Same goes for champagne – even beer. Think up some fancy cocktails you can have at home – perhaps everyone can vote for a favourite and you choose several. Think mango daiquiris, appletinis, cantaloupe margaritas (which are supposed to be sublime), cosmopolitans, and other refreshing summer-tasting beverages. Perhaps think of a few shot glass drinks and drinking games. The Sex on the Beach is always a good choice. Make them fun with fruit, umbrellas, and other drink decorations. You’ll never miss the bar as long as you keep it fun.

Go somewhere great and practically free


You could go to places like zoos, planetariums, and museums. There are so manyplaces you can go together where it’s either free entry or a really small admission fee and create memories to last a lifetime. Go to the zoo together or an aquarium. Spend an afternoon at a planetarium seeing something that you probably wouldn’t usually go to!

Decorate fun but cheap

Decorate fun but cheap

£1 shops have great prices on decorations that actually work very well. Uniquely coloured Christmas or even better — fairy lights can be strung around columns, windows, everywhere. Fairy lights are available everywhere now, and pink is one of the most available colours. You can get them unique paper star fairy lights or hearts to set a glowy mood of love. To create a festive mood, fill some helium balloons in foils and bright colours. Candles are great and set a wonderful mood full of expectations for the evening. Light them at dusk, make some drinks, put on the perfect dancing music, and everyone will be ready for fun.

Plan one nearly free night of fun

Plan one nearly free night

Some fun ideas are to bring along some spa supplies and spend the night making each other beautiful. Give wraps, massages, face masques and peels. Give each other pedicures and have everyone bring gorgeous polishes so you can throw them all in a pile and let everyone choose. Braid each other’s hair for curls in the morning. Get online and use photos to experiment with different hairstyles and colours. Another neat idea is candlelight horoscopes, ghost stories, or Truth or Dare. Have everyone assigned to a friend and bring along an extended horoscope for her. Have a wonderful time reading each other’s horoscopes by candlelight. Horoscopes always spark a great conversation, and it will get the bride thinking of her future with her beau. Another great idea for groups is to go ROLLERSKATING together. Roller rinks are always a lot of fun. Bowling is always fun too, as it’s always fun making fun of the one girl who won’t know how to bowl. You can always rent some good girly flicks for cheap or even free at the library. You’ll know your best friends tastes and make sure to rent her favourite movie of all time.

Create festive meals together

Create festive meals

There are sure to be one or two gals here who really pride themselves on their cooking. Designate a couple of them to come up with themed meals—taco night or Italian night are good, budget friendly ideas. You can make a lot of pasta and sauce for very little. Likewise with tacos. Equally fun is to make several pizzas together, two girls to a pizza and each can put her favourite toppings on one side.

Buy Gifts and Props with an Online Saving Service 

Buy gifts and props

The amount of hen props and gifts you can buy online is vast and impressive. The range of funny props and costumes is large and you’ll sure to find something hilarious to suit the theme of the hen night. Cashback shopping services are alsousefulfor saving you money. If you wanted to buy a whole host of props and costumes for example, sites like Lyoness offers it’s customers money back on their purchases. This is ideal if your buying many items for a hen night so look upLyoness on Facebook for more information.