How to Have a Fun Girls’ Night In

Hens that do not really like the idea of a traditional hen night will be better off with a girls’ night in rather than a wild night on the town. This is also true for mature hens that would rather just spend time having fun with their closest friends.

A girls’ night in does not really have to be boring as there are still so many ways to make the night fun and unforgettable. Check out these hen party ideas to start planning for an awesome hen night.

These tips will also be useful for hen groups that are spending a hen weekend and have a night free for such activities. A girls’ night in can be just as much fun as a night out with the right activities..


To have an evening of pure fun, do away with cooking and have some food delivered. You don’t really have to order everything in one place so that everyone can get what they actually want. A lot of fast food chains and restaurants can be found online no matter where you happen to be at.

movie hen night

Order food online and make sure there is enough food to last for the whole evening. Also, it will be a lot easier to order online in case your hen group is quite big.

In case you and the girls do enjoy cooking your own food, you can have that as part of the evening’s activities. Head to the market early to get all the ingredients you need to cook up everyone’s favorite dish.

Movie Night

A movie will be perfect with all that food. You can all eat while enjoying the movie. Make sure to bring a DVD of your favorite movie for the occasion. Popcorn works too in case you choose to have dinner first before watching a movie. There are microwavable ones are like an instant solution.

In case the hotel room has no DVD player, get a laptop and connect it to the television. Having internet connection helps too as you can just connect the computer to the television and have a wireless stream of the movie you have in mind.

Games and Other Activities

The fun does not have to stop once the movie ends as you can also enjoy various games and activities. Get an adult party pack or bring some games with you. Twister is always a fun and funny game especially when everyone happens to be drunk already. Playing Twister will always be good for laughs,

Having a home spa set comes in handy too. It can be quite fun to have facials and paint each other’s nails as additional activities. Get creative and come up with certain activities for the evening and have a fun night in with the girls!

There will be a few stags that can appreciate having something similar for their stag do. Of course, they tend to enjoy other sorts of activities.