How to Have a Fun Hen Party Without the Sex Toys

Hens nowadays tend to ditch the stripper and sex toys in favor of other hen party accessories and other fun hen party activities. Why? That is probably because more hens are in favor of class over crass. Hence, most hen party organizers do away with the Willy straws, whistles, and exotic dancers.

Let’s face it, there are women that will not really find a party with a male stripper funny or entertaining. Other hens may find it disgusting even if they can actually appreciate a handsome and gorgeous man. One dancing in front of their face might be another story.

Other Hen Party Accessories

There are other ways to make the party fun. Having a themed party will be one way to go about it. Certain themes will make use of hen party accessories that are not necessarily as bad as Willy straws.

Take the Sash theme as an example. The bride-to-be and her guests can actually wear any outfit they wish to. By adding a hen party accessory or sash, an ordinary party turns into a Sash themed party. That will still get male attention for groups that will be having an “after party” at a local bar or club.

Hen party accessories are not always phallic in shape as some are wholesome like those sashes, the small bridal veil, and L-plate badges for L-themed parties. Some head boppers are additional accessories too that may be useful for certain themes.

Other Hen Party Activities

As an alternative to a night at the strip club or hiring a stripper to perform in a private venue, there are a lot of other daytime and nighttime hen do activities to enjoy. That is also true for hens that choose to have a hen weekend instead of the traditional hen night.

Other activities can include learning new dance steps, a day of utter rest and relaxation at the spa, having a manicure, or tinkering with Swarovski crystals. There are so many potential activities to choose from which will depend on the location of the bride-to-be’s hen do.

For one hen, mojitos, manicures, high tea, a champagne cruise, and dolphin feeding was way better than the usual activities. That may also be true for some hens that simply want to do without the crass activities that are usually associated with such an event.

All of that will also be true for some stags that do not really enjoy a night at the strip club. Though high tea, manicures, and a champagne cruise will be replaced with something else. How about a day at a sports and recreation center? After all, there are actually stags that do not really drink and those that simply have better taste.

Hen do organizers should always keep in mind what the celebrant wants. When the traditional means of celebrating a woman’s last night of freedom will not do, choose other activities and accessories that she will really appreciate and enjoy.

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