Just a Few Girly Ideas for a Memorable and Unique Hen Night

A girl’s wedding day is the biggest day of her life. She has to look her best because she will be the centre of attention. The groom by her side will definitely have all the guests’ eyes on them as a couple, but everyone is waiting to see the dress and even the hairstyle.  Some may have been privy to the bride’s not so serene moments during her hen party.

As a special occasion, it is worth doing something special for that girls’ night out together. It may even be a good idea to use a specialist events’ company that has plenty of ideas to make the day or, perhaps, the weekend memorable.

hen party activityOut of the Ordinary

It is nice for the bride to chat with the girls over a meal and a few drinks before the big day. However, that might be a little boring! No one wants their hen do to be remembered as boring. So, one idea may be to work up an appetite before the meal by organising an activity to enjoy during the day.

The bride herself may want to do the organisation or may leave it to the maid of honour. It can even be a surprise to both, as a bridesmaid, friend, or mother could be in charge of the planning process instead.

One fun hen party activity that is gaining popularity is taking a cocktail making master class. No one has to worry about getting or buying the alcohol for this activity though as plenty is supplied!


Specialists or professional event organisers are likely to have plenty of activities to choose from and plenty of locations as well. They welcome enquiries from groups of all sizes and provide some ideas that may never have been considered before… cocktail making is just one of them!

That’s just a good way to start the special celebration especially if the female guests choose to celebrate for a whole weekend. Choose to have a theme for the evening and party in fancy dress. Lots of games that can be part of the festivities if the guests still have plenty of energy after the day’s exertions.

Or, you could just sit down and relax with a bit of entertainment with a bottle of champagne if that’s what you prefer! You can get Classique Comedy with specialised hen night comedians as part of an evening, before or after the meal.


Many hen groups decide on a private location to be able to party just by themselves. Take the time selecting activities to enjoy for the evening. There are male models available to pose for life sketches which is a great way to spend the evening after a day full of cocktail making! Prizes can be given away to the one who gave the best effort to catch that pose. Although, I’m sure the drawings won’t be the centre of attention!

hen party organiser

Whether it’s for an evening or a whole weekend, make sure to choose enough activities and games to enjoy throughout the celebration. The whole itinerary from the moment everyone meets up until the end of the night or weekend can then be handed over to the company. That means everything from location, accommodation, transport, and everything even costumes can be handled by specialists.

A fun party can be organised for every budget to provide a memorable experience just before the bride’s big day and, hopefully, a long and happy life together with her groom.