Katie Price Will Celebrate Her Hen Do After Saying I Do

Everyone knows that it is customary to celebrate the hen do before actually saying, “I do.” However, for Katie Price, it will be the other way around as she already got married earlier this week.

A bride-to-be’s hen do is supposed to be time for her to say goodbye to the life of being single to being married. It need not be said that it is tradition to celebrate that last night of freedom before getting married. The name says it all.

Tradition Thrown Out the Window

She’s 34 and he’s 25. Age may be a big difference between the two, but it might not really matter. Folks can say that, “age is mind over matter, if you don’t mind, it doesn’t matter.”

For Katie Price and her new husband, Kieran Hayley, tradition was thrown out the window as their whirlwind romance made them decide to fly to the Bahamas and just get married. It was definitely “lust at first sight” when Katie laid eyes on Kieran and who can blame her?

After setting her eyes on those pecs, two months later, the couple got married. Did she tell anyone that she was getting married? She actually did tell her closest friends a day before she was scheduled to fly to the Bahamas.

What Her Closest Friends Think

Katie’s friends are still in shock about the whole wedding fiasco. Some were even vocal and said that they do not really feel like celebrating. Even so, luckily, she continues to have friends that will stand by her no matter what. It is safe to assume that some of her closest friends just felt left out as she did not really tell them that she had plans of getting married until the last minute.

This is already Katie’s third marriage and some people may not know that. She was previously married to Peter Andre and Alex Reid. Will this one last? Some folks are already betting on when the two will split up.

A Hen Do or a Hen Don’t

In Katie’s situation, the traditional L-plate hen party may not really apply. Still, there are lots of ways to make that hen party fun especially since it will take place in London. Though, at this point, it may be difficult for her to rally all of her friends for the big bash, she will at least know who her real friends are.

Will her husband, Kieran, celebrate have a London stag party as well? It might just turn into a hag party (hen and stag) since an article on the Mirror implies that the party will give her friends a chance to get to know Kieran better. Come to think of it, since they got married after two months, she herself needs to get to know him better.