Water Rafting and Kayaking – North West Adventure

White Water Rafting

White Water Rafting is a very popular new activity. Our local ‘Boyle’ river is full of natural features, drops & rapids. As a grade II river it is suitable for beginners. Guaranteed lots of fun! This is a great exciting group / team activity.

As with all of North West Adventure activities, they offer different degrees of difficulty ranging from total beginner to intermediate and more difficult.

The total beginner would start out in the flat water of our own sheltered Drumharlow Lake situated right outside the door from their centre, great for jumping into a hot shower after a good paddle.

Progression leads to moving water of the Shannon River and on again to the white water of the Boyle River no more than a grade 2 river.

Sea Surfing
Kayak surfing is a favourite with everyone and we usually go to Streedagh Beach for a nice safe rock free shore. A few lessons would be needed first for surfing.

Pool-roll workshop
Another favourite are the pool roll workshops.  Here North West Adventure trains people to do the Eskimo roll in the warmth of the pool during the cold winter months.  They also teach and train kayak instructors.  They can run week-long kayak training courses ending up with a trip down the River Boyle.

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