Kiltorcan Raceway

Karting, at any level, is challenging, exhilarating fun. At Kiltorcan Raceway Karting Circuit, we ensure that it is also extremely safe. Probably, the safest in Ireland. We operate a 1000 metre, super smooth, all weather, floodlit track and supply everything you will need for a fantastic driving experience.

Whether you are new to the sport, or an old hand with loads of experience, Kiltorcan Raceway offers the buzz of a lifetime. Our karts are superb, our facilities are second to none and our staff are all selected and trained to ensure that you are in the very best hands.

As well as offering a range of events for groups of 10 or more, we also provide 15 or 30 minute ‘Practice Sessions’ for individuals or smaller groups. These work on the ‘Arrive & Drive’ principle and booking is not necessary. However, to avoid un-necessary waiting, and to ensure availability, we suggest that you phone the circuit prior to leaving home to so that you can be appraised of the approximate waiting time.

For bookings and further info, please use the contact details below.
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