Know What Hens Want Nowadays for Their Hen Party Celebration

With the recession, how do hens celebrate their last night of freedom without breaking the bank? Well, it seems as if traditional hen nights are back as opposed to hen weekends which served as mini vacations for hens that wish to spend more quality time with their closest friends.

The past few years, hen weekends were “the thing.” Now, that is no longer true since most hens choose to spend 50 GBP or less for their hen night. So, what are the latest trends, read on to know what those are.

Most Popular Locations

Hens on a budget tend to choose big cities as their hen party location. As opposed to hen weekends at the countryside, traditional hen nights are back. So, instead of staying for a weekend, hen groups tend to spend the whole day in a big city.

Why? That is mainly because big cities are known for their nightlife scene. As places frequented by a lot of tourists, those nightlife establishments are always packed with people. For hens that just want an evening of drunken revelry, one of those establishments can be the perfect venue for their hen night.

In the United Kingdom, the most popular hen night locations include Manchester and London. In Ireland, Dublin, Kilkenny, and Belfast (in Northern Ireland) are the most popular hen party destinations.

Most Popular Activity

The most popular hen party activity continues to be one that involves male strippers. According to a survey, more than fifty percent of hens choose to get a stripper for their hen night. Within that percentage, fifteen percent of those that got a stripper admit to snogging or having a one night stand with their stripper.

Naturally, as it is true for stag parties, “what happens during the hen night, stays in the hen night.” That is why fifty seven percent of women that have attended hen parties will say that they’d keep everything a secret from their own partners.

The Budget Involved

Partying in a big city for an evening will definitely cost less than spending an entire weekend somewhere else. That’s why most hens, nowadays, just spend less than 50 GBP for their hen night.

An evening with a stripper might cost a bit more. Still, as the survey shows, a lot of hens still choose to get one as part of their celebration. Of course, some hens can actually do without the stripper and no one is really obliged to go for what’s hot or what everyone else is doing. As long as you get to have a lot of fun with your girlfriends, it does not really matter what activity you choose to enjoy.

So, what is your idea of the ultimate hen party celebration? Will you be getting a stripper?