Less Stag and Hen Party Fun in the Grassmarket Area

As most people know, Edinburgh’s Grassmarket area, the historic market square in the Old Town, is one of the most popular destinations for mankini wearing men and women in all sorts of costumes. In other words, it is a very popular stag and hen party destination.

Now, it does seem like the party is over as local shop and bar owners start voting for the creation of a Business Improvement District (BID). What for? For those who have never been to an Edinburgh hen party or hen weekend, this particular area is already associated with bad behavior and excessive drinking. Creating the BID aims to give the whole area a makeover to get rid of that reputation.

Proposed Changes within Greater Grassmarket

In the past, the Grassmarket area was known for being one of the poorer areas in the city of Edinburgh. From the 1980s, that started to change as price of real estate within the area started to rise. A few years after, the area began to be known for having lots of public houses and shops.

The fact that the area has a lot of pubs made it the perfect place for lots of stag and hen nights. Needless to say, those can get out of hand at times.

Pub, bar, and shop owners within the area have had it with wild stag and hen nights. For that reason, they are planning to remodel the entire area to attract more “genteel” clients. That means changing the whole image this area has been known for.

In addition, the Greater Grassmarket BID scheme aims to attract other tourists and families to go to the area. Issues regarding security and cleanliness are also given high priority.

Since it seems like pub owners are all in, they are probably aware that this will turn away a number of customers. Combined with the smoking ban, it will be interesting to see if this whole endeavor pushes through.

What Those Changes Mean for Stags and Hens

The manager of The Black Bull said, “We don’t discourage stag and hen parties, but we just focus on managing it and making sure that everyone has a good time.” Even so, not all managers and owners have the same opinion. Some of them are already turning away guys wearing mankinis.

Even if all those changes push through, hens and stags can still have a fun hen or stag weekend in Edinburgh’s Grassmarket area. The key is in toning it down a bit. Try getting a self-catering accommodation. That way, the whole group can still get drunk in the Grassmarket area and then continue the party and the drinking in their accommodation.

There are so many things to do in Edinburgh for a stag or hen weekend. Stags and hens should not stop going there just because of those proposed changes in the Greater Grassmarket area. However, unfortunately, those that cannot do without bad behavior on their last moments of freedom will have to look for alternative stag or hen party locations.