Make Your Hen Night More Exciting with a Murder Mystery Game

Hen parties will not be as much fun without some hen party games. There are games that can definitely fill your hen night with laughter and there are games that can bring out your wild side. Aside from those types of games, there are also games that can add an air of mystery and excitement to your last night of freedom like a Murder Mystery Game.

The game itself can be purchased which saves you time. That actually makes things a lot easier because you will not be required to come up with a murder mystery story of your own nor think of clues and characters to be portrayed. There are two ways to get a hold of this game. You can either download it from the internet or purchase a boxed version of it. Either way works.

How to Play the Game

Such a game will be perfect for certain theme parties too! So, forget what’s real for a night and enter a whole new world of mystery, murder, and intrigue by playing the Murder Mystery Game.

First off, this game is meant to be played from two to three hours. It helps to know how long it will last especially if you have other plans lined up for the evening. So, you can either start or end your hen night with it. If you want, you can keep the guests suspense and let the game go on throughout the night and have other games or hen party activities in between.

Using the game content, each player will have a role to play or they will have to portray a particular character. One of your guests will be the murderer. All the questions, clues, hints, and answers will also be part of the whole game package. As the evening unfolds, so does the murder mystery… until the players can guess who the murderer is.

Plan a Unique Party

Planning for creative parties can be a lot of fun. So, let your imagination run wild, start planning for a unique party, and have an unforgettable hen do.

To get you started, choose among many different themes and go from there. Dress up as policewomen, naughty nurses, Playboy bunnies, angels, or devils. You just have to choose a particular theme that appeals to you.

Once you’re done choosing your theme, the next step would be to choose a venue or hen party location. After choosing a location, you can then start coming up with things to do or start selecting hen party activities to enjoy during the daytime and nighttime. The availability of certain types of activities will depend on your chosen location.

As I mentioned earlier, you can enjoy more hen party games before, after, or during the Murder Mystery Game. So, add dares and challenges to make sure that your special night is filled with laughter or other hen party games that you and your girlfriends will enjoy. Create the hen night you have always dreamed of and make the most out of your last night of freedom!