Mining Experience at Arigna Mining Experience

Welcome to the Arigna Mining Experience

Arigna Mining Experience center  was developed to preserve the energy heritage of the Arigna Valley and to ensure that Arigna maintains its link with Energy themes: Past, Present & Future.

This Energy Centre provides visitors with a unique insight into what coal mining life was like in the Arigna Valley, since its beginning in the 1700’s until closure in 1990.

Underground Experience

During the underground tour, visitors will experience what it was like to work in some of the narrowest coal seams in the western world. The tour which will last 45 minutes brings visitors to the  coal face of the mine,  where the methods used to extract  coal are demonstrated.  Lighting and sound effects in the mine, add to the authenticity of the underground experience.

The Tour

Since its opening in 2003,  Arigna Mining Experience has welcomed over 350,000 visitors. Our greatest form of advertisement  “word of mouth” is proof that people are greatly impressed by their visit which appeals  to both young and old.
Accompany an ex-miner on a tour which is literally a journey through a miner’s life. The dripping of water, the intensity of the darkness, the sight of the cramped areas in which the miners lay on their sides in pools of water, leaves  visitors astounded that such working conditions existed until relatively recent times.

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