ODD (Out-Doors & Dirty)​


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ODD (Out Doors & Dirty) is Ireland’s only Extreme Experience Park focused on adult entertainment for stag and hen parties and corporate away days.

Our activity packages are pretty crazy, quite unique, designed to suit groups of 8 or more, and the ideal kick-start to a great weekend.

No other venue offers solo hovercraft racing from grass out onto wild, open water. We introduced Rage Motorsport 620cc buggies to Ireland, so with years of experience and an all-weather track guaranteeing an exhilarating ride we are the place to go for off-road fun!
To add to the adrenaline mix our combos include clay pigeon shooting, pulling wheelies in crazy Powerturn Dragsters, and Woodland Combat games, plus more familiar activities such as archery, tug of war or Space hopper racing.

rage-buggies-at-odd     hovercraft-a-odd

We’re located at Brackley Lake on the Leitrim/Cavan/Fermanagh border near Ballyconnell and open year round.  We have great deals for groups, some including Free Stag or Hen, and a choice of activity-only or all-inclusive packages with  accommodation, meals and nightlife. added.  Plus, Last Minute offers for those who didn​’​t get round to booking yet!​ So get Out-Doors and Dirty at our place soon!

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