Pole Dance Class at Polercise

What better way to start your evening than with an ultimate fun and girly pole dance class!

During your pole dancing class, you’ll learn all kinds of pole dancing tricks and poses and the dance moves that link them together.  You’ll start off with a rousing warm-up to get your joints moving and then progress to the pole.  Your teacher will guide you through various pole moves and before you know it you’ll be spinning and dancing to your hearts content!

The dance class lasts for about an hour and a half and includes:

  • Wine reception and nibbles
  • Either party games along with pole (pole tricks, pole routine, demo form instructor) or chair routine along with pole (You must inform at time of booking which you prefer)

To add more fun to the party, you may also have a male exotic dancer as an extra for an additional fee of only £70.

Classes are done on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday evenings.  Other requests or times will depend on the availability of the studio.

If you have any inquiries or would like to book a party do not hesitate to contact Polercise using the form below.
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