Imagine your squad, all decked out and ready for action, getting their hands on personalized treasure maps. It’s like being in a rom-com but with more glitter! Our Hen Party Treasure Hunt Package turns your hen party activities into a quest, weaving laughter and bonding into a thrilling adventure.


What’s the Scoop:

  • Customized Hen Party Treasure Hunt Maps: Every gal in your party gets a gorgeous map leading them to hidden treasures and secret spots in our scenic wonderland.
  • Team-Building Challenges: Strengthen the bonds with challenges sprinkled along the way. Think puzzles that make your brain do the Macarena and physical tasks that have you laughing ’til you snort.
  • Professional Treasure Guides: Our guides? Oh, they’re like fairy godmothers but with more fabulous accents. They’ll ensure your adventure is as smooth as silk and twice as fun.
  • Real Treasures Await: Hit up various checkpoints and reveal surprises – personalized goodies or a drink station. Because every hen party treasure hunt deserves a little sparkle!


And oh, did we mention our Hen Party Treasure Hunt Packages come with a Central Self Catering Apartment, a 3 Course Dinner that’s a taste bud tango, Guestlist Entrance into the most extraordinary Night Club, a Reserved Table that’s like VIP thrones, a Round of Drinks to keep the spirits high, and all the Premium extras you can dream of? Plus, a Full Group Management System because we always have your back.


Refrain from settling for average. Choose Henit for a hen party in Ireland that’s more than a party; it’s a treasure trove of giggles, joy, and discovery. Your hen party treasure hunt awaits, darling!