Unforgettable Hen Party Weekends: Fun Activities and Themes for Every Taste

Get ready, ladies, for the craziest adventure of all time: hen party weekends! We’re about to dive into a world filled with laughter, friendship, and epic memories. From pure relaxation to thrilling escapades, we’ve got the scoop on all the hen party weekend fun!


Think luxurious spa getaways fit for queens, cozy movie nights overflowing with giggles and popcorn, charming farm weekends with muddy boots and adorable animals, arts and crafts extravaganzas where your inner artist shines, and sports weekends and mini cruises that’ll get your heart racing.


So, gather your crew, put on your party hats, and let’s make some magical memories in the fabulous realm of hen party weekends!

Spa Weekend

Hen party weekends

Calling all queens in the making! If the bride-to-be is all about luxury and relaxation, a spa hen party weekend is an absolute must for your hen party extravaganza. Picture this: sipping Champagne, surrounded by your besties, and indulging in heavenly pampering at a top-notch spa hotel. It’s the ultimate recipe for pre-wedding bliss!


Luckily, Ireland is brimming with hen-friendly spas that know how to treat you like royalty. From tranquil countryside retreats to chic city sanctuaries, there’s a spa waiting to cater to your every whim. They specialize in pamper packages designed specifically for hen parties, ensuring you and your squad are in for a pampering experience fit for goddesses.

Movie Night Weekend

Hen party weekends

Lights, camera, hen party action! If your gal is a total cinema aficionado, we’ve got the perfect plan for your epic hen party weekend. Picture this: your very own private screening of a vintage movie, followed by a swinging after-party filled with live bands, retro DJs, and classic cocktails. It’s like stepping into a time machine of awesomeness!


Film Fatale is the go-to spot for themed movie nights that will blow your mind. Slip into your fanciest threads and get ready for a night of enchantment with iconic films like Breakfast at Tiffany’s, Cabaret, and Chinatown. The nostalgia is real, ladies!


For a more laid-back but equally fantastic experience, the Stella Theatre is the place to be. It’s not your run-of-the-mill cinema joint. Indulge in cocktails while you watch the movie or sip them at the Stella Cocktail Club before or after the show. It’s all about adding that touch of sophistication to your hen party festivities.

And if you’re dreaming of an exclusive cinema affair, the Montenotte Hotel Cork has you covered. Their swanky Cameo Cinema offers a chic and intimate setting for your private movie night. With dinner, a movie, and bubbles on the menu, it’s the epitome of classy celebration.

Farm Weekend

Hen party weekends

Wellies on, ladies! It’s time for a farm-tastic hen party weekend that will have you giggling and clucking with joy. Get ready for a countryside adventure like no other!


Imagine milking cows, feeding adorable animals, jumping over bogs, baking fresh bread, chasing mischievous hens, and embarking on thrilling farm treasure trails. It’s a hen party experience filled with laughter and memories you’ll cherish.


Head to Causey Farm in Co. Meath for the ultimate farm extravaganza. They’ve got all the farm activities you could dream of, plus a unique twist: painting the bride’s life story on a barn wall. Now that’s what we call a one-of-a-kind celebration!


Or, venture to the West of Ireland and visit The Farmyard. They’ll treat you to farm adventures and even an Irish dancing class. Get ready to kick up your heels and embrace the lively spirit of the Emerald Isle.

Arts and Crafts Weekends

Hen party weekends


Attention DIY queens and craft enthusiasts! Prepare for an artsy hen party weekend that’s all about unleashing your creativity. It’s time to get your hands dirty and craft like there’s no tomorrow!


At Kay’s Flower School or Flowerpop, create majestic flower crowns fit for woodland goddesses. Let your imagination bloom as you embrace the art of floral design.


If felting is your jam, head to Kippure Estate in Co. Wicklow. Dive into the world of felting and transform wool into adorable creations that will make your heart melt.


For pottery enthusiasts, The Pottery Shed in Kilkenny or Giddy Studios in Dublin are your go-to spots. Paint pottery pieces that capture your unique style, leaving you with cherished memories of your hen party weekend.


Feeling adventurous? How about a nude life drawing session with Life Drawing Hen Party in Galway? It’s a cheeky twist on traditional art classes that will have you giggling and embracing your inner artist.


For a full-blown craft extravaganza, check out the Crafty Hens package at Slieve Aughty Centre. They’ve got a range of activities that will ignite your creativity and ensure non-stop fun for your group.

Mini Cruise Weekend

Hen party weekends

Ahoy, hens! Set sail on a mini cruise weekend that’ll make you feel like the queens of the sea. It’s a unique hen party experience packed with excitement!


Picture this: cruising to fabulous destinations with entertainment galore. From delicious dining to dazzling live performances and themed parties, it’s non-stop fun on deck.


To keep the party going, add cruise-themed games and challenges. Hunt for treasures or show off your talents in a shipshape talent show. The fun never stops!


So gather your crew, don your nautical gear, and get ready for a mini cruise weekend that’ll create memories as mighty as the ocean. It’s time to sail away on a hen party adventure like no other!

Wellness Weekend

Calling all hens in need of some rejuvenation! If the bride-to-be is seeking a more serene and nourishing experience, let’s make wellness the star of your hen party weekend. It’s time to recharge, relax, and indulge in activities that will leave you feeling refreshed and revitalized.


Why not make yoga or pilates the centerpiece of your weekend? Imagine practicing your downward dog or finding your inner balance amidst breathtaking landscapes. Choose from epic locations like Cliff of Moher Retreat or Burren Yoga Retreat, where tranquility and natural beauty blend harmoniously.


For a peaceful overnight stay that offers both classes and a private chef, look no further than Loughcrew Estate & Gardens. Pamper your mind, body, and taste buds with yoga sessions, nutritious meals, and serene surroundings that will soothe your soul.


So, gather your zen-seeking squad, slip into your comfiest activewear, and get ready to embark on a wellness weekend that will leave you glowing from within. It’s time to prioritize self-care and create memories of relaxation and rejuvenation during your hen party getaway.

Sports Weekend

Hen party weekends

Calling all adrenaline-seeking hens! Brace yourselves for a sports-focused hen party weekend that will get your hearts pumping and your spirits soaring. It’s time to unleash your inner athletes and dive into exhilarating adventures!


We’re talking about the thrill of archery, the rush of catching waves while surfing, and the joy of paddling through crystal-clear waters on a kayaking expedition. These are just a few of the exciting sports activities that will make your hen party weekend one for the books.

When it comes to archery, surfing, and kayaking, there are fantastic destinations and venues that cater to your adventurous spirit. Seek out places that offer suitable facilities and equipment, ensuring you have everything you need for a memorable experience.


To amp up the excitement and foster camaraderie, consider incorporating team-based sports challenges or friendly competitions. Whether it’s a bullseye showdown in archery or a race to catch the best wave while surfing, these activities will bring out the competitive spirit in the best possible way.

Hen Party at Home Weekend

Hen party weekends

Who says you need to leave the comfort of home to have an epic hen party weekend? Bring the celebration right to your doorstep with a fabulous Hen Party at Home Weekend! It’s time to create unforgettable memories in the cozy surroundings of your own abode.


Transform your living room into a dance floor and crank up the music for a wild dance party. Get crafty with DIY decorations and create a personalized atmosphere that reflects the bride-to-be’s style. Set up a DIY cocktail bar and let the mixology magic flow.


Organize fun activities like a pampering session with homemade face masks, nail art, or even a DIY photo booth to capture the memorable moments. Embrace your inner chefs and have a cook-off with a theme or create a grazing table filled with delicious treats.


To keep the excitement going, plan virtual games, trivia, or karaoke sessions that will keep everyone entertained and engaged. You can also arrange surprise deliveries of goodies or personalized gifts for the bride-to-be to add an extra touch of celebration.


The best part? You have the freedom to customize every detail to suit your group’s preferences and create a unique and intimate experience. Hen Party at Home Weekends are all about bonding, laughter, and making memories that will last a lifetime.


So, gather your girls, put on your comfiest PJs, and get ready for an extraordinary hen party at home weekend that will bring the celebration to your doorstep. Let the festivities begin!

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