What Happens on Your Hen Do Stays in Your Hen Do

Who lies about their hen or stag party activities? Almost everyone does. That really should not be surprising because as the saying goes, “what happens on your hen night, stays in your hen night.” What’s more surprising is that there are people who do not really lie to their partners about it. Of course, they are a minority.

So, how many people lie about it? To give you an idea, here are the statistics. For those that want to know, the results are really interesting.

Men vs. Women

If it’s to be a battle of the sexes, women win hands down. According to a survey, when it comes to stag party activities, 74% of men would lie about it. On the flip side, only 43% of hens will lie to their partners about hen party activities.

Compared to stags, hens win when it comes to being honest. This also means that there are probably less hen parties that actually involve wild activities. Usually, hens that lie about their hen night only lie about going to strip clubs more than anything else. It just goes to show that there are still a lot of wholesome hen party activities.

As opposed to hens, stag parties usually involve going to strip clubs and other wild antics that their partner will not really like to hear about. For that reason, more men lie about their stag night.

What Hens Do for Their Hen Do

As mentioned earlier, it seems as if a lot of hens do not really engage in activities that their partners will not like to hear about. So, let us take a look at what some hens actually enjoy doing during their last moments of freedom.

When it comes to hen party activities, there are just so many to choose from. Of course, the best hen party activities would be the ones that the bride-to-be actually enjoys. Hens that do not really want to go on a night on the town can choose to have a girls’ night in instead.

For a girls’ night in, they can choose to have a cool slumber party painting their toes and nails. As an alternative, they can also choose to cook dishes together or bake together. Of course, any hen with such a hen night can easily tell their partner what they actually did.

Activities That People Choose

Male strippers aside, there are hens that prefer other activities such as dance lessons, a day at the spa, perfume making lessons, cupcake decorating lessons, sampling different cuisines, and similar activities. In short, the main reason why there are hens that can really tell their partners what they did during their last moments of freedom.

In a similar manner, if a stag spends his stag night just like McFly drummer, Harry Judd, he really has nothing to hide from his partner. Recently, Judd spent his last moments of freedom with a sleep over, complete with a pillow fight, in his old alma mater. Such stag or hen parties are examples of those that you can always tell your partner about.