Where’s our phone Number?

Why can’t you find our phone number?

Henit.ie’s aim is to bring value to you! We want to be able to give you the lowest possible prices for all our weekend away packages. We do not have a team of people answering your questions over the phone in order to save you money on your package. Once you book your event you are given full contact details. Please email your questions now.

Some people find it hard to understand this concept, but rest assured, you are in good hands, check-out some of our recent testimonials as proof.

“We had an amazing weekend, the hen was thrilled”     “The online payment system was so handy  “All the girls had a ball

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Email us today and we will email you back as quick as possible.

Have you booked with us already?

Once you have booked with us, you will receive a confirmation email with a direct phone number to your personal event manager.  You will then be able to call us as much as you want, even over your hen weekend 🙂